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History of Peanut Island: Family-Friendly with All the Comforts

Palm Beach, Florida, with its sun-kissed shores and swaying palm trees, hides a tiny gem in its coastal embrace — Peanut Island. What began as an ambitious dredging project has transformed into a popular haven for boaters, history enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. Let’s dive into the captivating tale that defines the lively history of Peanut Island.

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The Birth of Peanut Island: A Dredging Dream

In the early 20th century, a massive dredging project aimed at deepening the Lake Worth Inlet gave birth to Peanut Island. The dredged sand and rock were deposited on what was initially known as Inlet Island, gradually shaping it into the peanut-shaped paradise we know today. This accidental creation set the stage for Palm Beach’s little Island’s multifaceted history.

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A Presidential Bunker: Cold War Intrigue

Peanut’s historical narrative took an unexpected turn during the Cold War era. In 1961, in response to Cold War tensions, President John F. Kennedy established a secret bomb shelter on the island. Known as the Kennedy Bunker, this underground facility served as a covert refuge for the President and his staff. Today, visitors can explore this piece of history, complete with preserved furnishings and a glimpse into the nation’s Cold War anxieties.

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Rum Runners and Reefs

Peanut Island’s strategic location near the Palm Beach Inlet made it an enticing hub for rum-runners during Prohibition. The island’s shores were once a hotspot for the illicit trade of spirits, adding a touch of maritime intrigue to its history. Today, remnants of those days are submerged off its coast, forming the popular Peanut Island Snorkel Trail — a submerged world of sunken treasures and vibrant marine life.


The Peanut Island Experience Today

Today, Peanut Island stands as a testament to Palm Beach’s ability to seamlessly blend history with recreation. Boaters, snorkelers, and history enthusiasts converge on its shores, reveling in the island’s diverse offerings. With plans for continuous improvements and conservation efforts, the Island’s future promises to be as vibrant as its storied past.

As decades rolled by, Peanut Island shed its secretive past and emerged as a recreational paradise. Boaters flock to its shores, anchoring in the crystal-clear waters to indulge in sun-soaked picnics and water sports. The island offers picnic areas, walking trails, and even designated camping spots, making it a favorite destination for those seeking a day of tropical escapades.

Island Amenities and Facilities

For families cruising in, Peanut Island offers a range of docking spots that make arrival a cinch. Whether you’re arriving on a family boat or one from GBC, the docking options are designed with families in mind, ensuring a hassle-free start to your island adventure.

Planning a family picnic? The little Island has you covered. With numerous areas featuring tables, grills, bathrooms and outdoor showers, it’s easy to set up a basecamp for your family fun filled day in the sun. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a simple day out, this location provides the ideal setting for family-friendly picnics all year long.

Family Activities on the East Coast - Peanut Island

So, whether you’re tracing the footsteps of Cold War intrigue, snorkeling through submerged history, or simply unwinding on its sandy shores, Peanut Island invites all to partake in its rich legacy. As the sun sets over the Palm Beach horizon, the little Island stands tall, a testament to the resilience of an accidental paradise that has embraced every chapter of its vibrant history.

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