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Hook and Cook East Coast Winter

There’s nothing like a day of fishing to enjoy the amazing Florida landscape. You get to soak in the sun, hang with your friends and family, and catch your dinner all at the same time. But once you’ve reeled in the big one, what do you do with it? These are our favorite hook & cook experiences around your east coast Gulfstream Boat Club. Hook the big one and enjoy it that same day!

Why Hook and Cook?

One of the benefits of having a professional cook your catch instead of taking it home is knowledge. Every fish is different. Fat content, thickness, flakiness, and more are all considerations of the ways they should be cooked. The chefs at these restaurants are experts in the local seafood around their restaurant. They will be able to scale it, skin it, and de-bone it perfectly. They’ll also know the way to cook it to bring out the best flavor in the fish.

Where to cast a line? Fishing bridges and docks will produce in winter.

east coast hook & cook

Bridges and docks will be where you can find fish in the wintertime in Florida. Dock fishing can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. The best docks have some current flow and are in water around 10 feet deep. A dock isolated on a point with good current flow and 10 or 15 feet of water would be a prime spot. Bridges are also productive and are fairly easy to fish.

Winter Fishing Season on the East Coast

There’s no such thing as the winter blues on Florida’s east coast. The key to being successful when Florida inshore winter fishing is adapting to the changing conditions. Florida fish species have both local and seasonal migrations. Anglers that understand these migrations will have more success.


A member of the porgy family, sheepshead generally migrate to inshore waters from November through February. You can often find sheepshead near piers, docks, pilings, seawalls, and oyster bars. Use a size 1 hook (smaller hooks work better because sheepshead have small mouths and are notorious bait stealers) rigged with shrimp, a small crab, or barnacles.

Red Fish 

Target winter redfish along mangrove shorelines up in brackish spring-fed rivers, around bends or deep holes, where the water temperature tends to stay more constant following a cold front. You can use a soft plastic shrimp for targeting redfish during the cooler months of the year.

Black Drum

Black drum can be targeted in bays or estuaries around rocks, deeper holes, and pilings as well as offshore around structures near mud, sand or shell bottom. Use either shrimp or blue crabs on a conventional bottom rig with a sinker and a circle hook to match bait size.

east coast hook & cook

Hook and Cook Your Catch

It’s a time honored Florida tradition: seaside restaurants that will Cook your catch after a long day on the water. For the avid fisherman, there’s nothing better than taking your proud catch you’ve worked hard for that day and turning it into a delicious meal right from the water.

Call ahead to let the location know you’d like to cook your catch at the following restaurants near your home Gulfstream Boat Club, then relax and enjoy!

  1. Deck 84 – 840 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483 – (561) 665-8484 –

  2. Sailfish Marina Tiki Bar and Restaurant – 90 Lake Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33404 – 561.844.1724 –

  3. Frigates – 400 US-1, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 – (561) 855-7497 –

Enjoy the East Coast Winter with Gulfstream Boat Club

After a full day fishing, reeling and catching, there is nothing quite as satisfying as passing the day’s hooked fish to a professional chef to cook-your-catch while you sit back and relax. With your Gulfstream Boat club membership we can be sure you always enjoy the best of boating—great days on the water, with no hidden fees, hassles, maintenance or cleaning.

Simply reserve your boat, arrive at the dock, and enjoy!

Ready to experience effortless premier boating? Give us a call today to learn about our membership options and get on the water today! (888) 702-2256


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