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Retire in Style with Gulfstream Boat Club

Retirement is a time to focus on you, and you have endless days in front of you to either embark on adventures or slow down and soak up the tranquillity. Where better to do any of that than on a boat? Gulfstream Boat Club can help you retire in style with an entire fleet of luxury boats available for you any day of the week you choose.

Read on to learn what it’s like to live a life of constant vacation with an elite Boat Club.

Retire in Style with Gulfstream Boat Club

Memberships for Any Lifestyle

Our flexible boat club membership packages are designed to accommodate anyone, whether you’re a local resident, in town for the season, or here on vacation.

25 Hours / 50 Hours – Perfect for busy lifestyles or travelers and ideal for snowbirds and seasonal residents. Hourly packages don’t expire for two years.

6/12/24 Months Unlimited – Use as many hours as you would like within a 6, 12 or 24 month period. Our unlimited Memberships are our best value.

The Fleet You Would Want to Own

We buy the premium boats you want to own, outfit them with all the bells and whistles and top-of-the-line equipment. Our fleet features ample and luxurious seating, fantastic Bluetooth sound systems, coolers and touchscreen GPS. We are constantly updating and upgrading our fleet across all locations to give our members the elite boat club experience they deserve.

We always ensure we keep them maintained to the highest standards of safety and peak performing condition. Plus all memberships include an on-the-water boating lesson and safety orientation with one of our licensed captains.

Concierge Service Every Step of the Way

When you want to retire in style, we know you deserve the very best service every step of the way. At Gulfstream Boat Club, we’re dedicated to helping members experience the best of life on the water with none of the hassles. We believe boating is the perfect way to spend time outdoors, visit local attractions and hidden gems, while keeping you and your loved ones safe. At each of our Club location you’ll find a crew who are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about daily conditions, local attractions, and water-accessible dining destinations.

Bring the Family Aboard for Memories of a Lifetime

At this point in your life you’re likely an expert, so share that expertise with your children and grandchildren! For many boaters, boating is a family tradition—a way of life that includes shared experiences like the first time you take the steering wheel, catch a fish or rope a cleat.

Keep your passion for boating alive by introducing a new generation to love of the ocean. Teach them boating basics and safety first, then move on to subjects like fishing and animal spotting. You may even learn a few things from the little ones!

Retire in Style with Gulfstream Boat Club

Retiring in style means getting to live the life you want, for as long as you may live. That may mean having a beautiful home and lots of family around you. It may mean having access to either simple or extravagant luxuries. Whatever your retirement dreams look like, one thing is for sure: it’s all about you!

With Gulfstream Boat Club, you can keep the adventure going for as long as you would like. Drop anchor at a popular sandbar, cruise along the intracoastal for dockside dining, visit local reefs, or venture offshore for fish. Whatever adventure you are after, we’ve got your boat, your gear, and your coordinates.

Ready to experience effortless concierge style boating? Give us a call today to learn about our membership options and get on the water today! (888) 702-2256



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