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Smooth Sailing on a First Date with Gulfstream Boat Club

Make every moment count with a romantic boat date for two! Our memberships make it easy to have a flawless first date without the stress of owning a boat. What can you do for a first date with Gulfstream Boat Club? You can show off your comfort at the helm without having to deal with the clean-up later. Show off your entire fleet and make it a date they won’t forget.  Whether you decide for an all day adventure or an afternoon cruise, our amenities are there to ensure the perfect start to your date once you leave the dock!

Use our checklist for smooth sailing on the perfect first date!

Smooth Sailing on a First Date with Gulfstream Boat Club!

Choose the Right Boat for You

Gulfstream Boat Club has a range of boats to choose from, depending on which one you want to take out:

  1. Pontoon: Its large platform in the center and wrap-around seating makes for the perfect boat with enough room for whatever activity you have planned. It’s tables and couch-like seating lets you enjoy a nice dinner on the water.

  2. Center Console: The ideal boat for fishing excursions. Fitted with outriggers and twin engines, these boats are made for speed on the high seas with ease. The perfect boat for a day on the water that will leave them impressed!

  3. Dual Console: With the captain seated to the right and wrap-around seating to the left, the intimate layout makes it easy to get to know each other. 

Create the Ambiance

Whether you want a romantic mood or you want to show off how fun you are, there are a million ways to go when having a first date with Gulfstream Boat Club. Bring flowers and a blanket to show off your romantic side. If you want to show off your fun side, bring some fun activities including a Frisbee, water-proof deck cards, snorkel gear, and more. Finally, choose a playlist from our Spotify account to keep the music flowing and your phone away.

Decide on the Menu

There are plenty of local spots with water front restaurants that allow you to easily dock and grab a bite to eat!

If you’re departing from the east coast of Florida, check out Frigates, Deck84, or Two George’s all provide excellent service and a one of a kind atmosphere for a first date. Head north to Jupiter with even more waterfront restaurants including U-Tiki, Guanabanas, Lucky Shuck, 1000 North, and The Woods.

If you are on the west coast of Florida, make sure to check out the St. Pete Pier, where you’ll find the Driftwood Cafe, Teak, and Pier Teaki! In Tampa on Harbour Island, check out Jackson’s Bistro and Sushi Bar! There are plenty of perfect water front dining restaurants up and down the coast of Florida that will leave your date impressed.

If you need a recommendation on a place to dine, be sure to ask our Member Services! We know all the best locations by boat to ensure a first date with Gulfstream Boat Club will be a memory of a lifetime!

Looking for something more unique than casual dining? Instead of a restaurant, create the perfect picnic for two. A bottle of champagne always makes a perfect first date. Show off what you can do in the kitchen and bring a meal made by you! Or get a plate to go from any of the above mentioned restaurants, grab a blanket and get to know each other through this intimate dinner on the water.

Destination Decisions 

Decide on the perfect destination to go visit and show off your true self. Explore Peanut Island for a little adventure and many activities to do. Visit a rope swing together or anchor on a sandbar for a fun time in the sun! If you’re on the west coast, visit Fort De Soto or Egmont Key!

If you’re looking to just cruise on the open water of the coast, bring along our Gulfstream Boat Club Scavenger Hunts and create memories together! Teach your date about the basics of boating and show off what an experienced boater you are!

Now go off and enjoy smooth sailing on your perfect date on the open waters of Florida!Simply reserve your boat, arrive at the dock, and enjoy!

Ready to experience effortless premier boating? Give us a call today to learn about our membership options and get on the water today! (888) 702-2256


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