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What Membership Package is Your Family?

Looking for the perfect gift for the hard to please? Maybe, you’re just interested in making more memories with family, but are unsure which membership package would suit you best. Armed with a Membership that guarantees unlimited access to a fleet of boats, your nautical escapades can know no bounds. Which Membership would you be?

25 Hour Membership Package – Workweek Warrior

Meet Dad, the unsung hero of the workweek who would trade his office chair for a captain’s seat any day. With the 25-hour Boat Club membership, he’s not just escaping the daily grind; he’s defying the laws of time to squeeze in that extra hour of boat bliss. Picture him, tie and all, transforming into the fearless leader of the S.S. Spreadsheet Escape.

Colleagues may think he’s stepping out for a business meeting, but little do they know he’s navigating the waters of stress relief, armed with a fishing rod and a cooler full of snacks labeled “confidential.” 25 hours on the water is Dad’s secret weapon against deadlines and conference calls, where the only urgent matter is casting the perfect line. Who needs a corner office when you’ve got a boat with a view?

50 Hour Membership – The Hosts with the Most Hours

Enter the Awesome family, the hosts with the most, armed with a 50-hour Boat Club membership that turns their boat into the neighborhood’s hottest party venue. Their floating fortress of fun comes complete with a disco ball, a barbecue grill that’s basically an honorary family member, and a deck that doubles as a dance floor. The Awesome’s don’t just take a leisurely cruise; they turn every boat trip into a floating fiesta where life jackets become party hats and fishing rods moonlight as dance partners.

Friends and kids alike eagerly await the next invitation to the Awesomes’ aquatic extravaganza, knowing that this family doesn’t just navigate the waters; they surf the waves of socializing with style.

It’s not just a boat; it’s the Awesomes’ ticket to becoming the reigning champions of the seas and the undisputed hosts of the happiest flotilla on the waterfront. Anchors aweigh, and let the floating festivities begin!

6 Month Unlimited –  The Epic Expeditionary Squad

Introducing the “Epic Expeditionary Squad” – a family with kids, friends, friends with kids and enough weekend energy to power a small fleet of boats. Armed with a 6-month unlimited boat club package, they turn every Saturday into a maritime masterpiece. The boat is not just a vessel for them; it’s a floating playground where pirate adventures and fishing contests unfold like epic sagas. Picture this: kids with fishing rods, friends with water guns, and parents trying to referee the aquatic chaos with sunscreen in hand. The boat, now resembling a floating carnival, hosts games of “seagull tag” and impromptu dance-offs, with life jackets doubling as superhero capes.

With boundless energy and a 6-month boat club pass, the “Epic Expeditionary Squad” turns every weekend into a watery wonderland, leaving a trail of laughter and memories that even the resident seagulls envy. Sail on, you weekend warriors of the sea!

1 Year Unlimited – Self Proclaimed Uncle Captain Hook

Meet Uncle Bob, the self-proclaimed Captain Hook of the family. This guy’s love for fishing is so deep that he once tried to catch the neighbor’s catfish with a spatula. Now, imagine giving him a 1-year unlimited boat club package. It’s like handing a kid the keys to a candy store, except this candy store floats. Uncle Bob would be the only guy who sets sail with a fishing rod in one hand, a tackle box in the other, and a cooler strapped to his back like a jetpack.

With a fleet equipped with top of the line sonar, GPS, and a secret compartment for emergency snacks, with Uncle Bob and his unlimited boat access, no fish would be safe from his nautical antics. The sea might never be the same, but at least we’d have front-row seats to the greatest aquatic comedy show on Earth.

2 Year Unlimited – Grandparent’s Nature Classroom

membership package

The dynamic duo of the great outdoors, armed with a 2-year unlimited boat club package. These two are like nature’s ambassadors, turning every boat ride into a treasure hunt for lost sunglasses and always a cooler full of the best snacks. With their 2 year unlimited boat access, they’d probably turn the waterways into their personal floatingnature classroom. The grandkids, donned in miniature explorer gear, would learn the art of fishing, bird-watching, and the fine skill of convincing Grandma that snorkeling is a legitimate form of exercise.

The real catch of the day would be the laughter echoing across the open water. It might not be the fastest boat on the water, but it would undoubtedly be the one with the most epic tales. Get ready for the ultimate boat adventure – Grandparent Retire in Style Edition!


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