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What’s Really Involved in a Boat Club Membership?

Would you love to go boating often, but aren’t ready for the hassle and expense of owning your own boat? Are you interested in learning more about boat club membership?

Boat club members can get the perks of owning a boat without the expense. And you’ll have access to a superb collection of boats.

Here’s what you need to know about boat club membership.

1. Boating Costs

Maybe you’re someone who loves water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, or sailing. You may find a day out on the water to be the most relaxing, energizing way to spend your spare time.

Even if you’re an eager marine sports lover, the cost of owning a boat can really add up. Besides the initial expense of buying the vehicle itself, you’ll need to think about taxes, insurance, and registration.

You’ll have to pay for mooring in the warmer months, which involves securing a safe spot to keep your boat. And don’t forget about winter storage in cooler climates. You’ll also need to pay for regular maintenance, gas, and purchasing safety equipment.

Owning a boat can add up to a serious investment that is more than just an expensive hobby. If you love being on the water, however, a boat club offers an amazing alternative.

Boat clubs generally charge an up-front enrollment fee as well as a month-to-month charge. For this price, you’ll get access to a fleet of boats. You can borrow a boat or reserve at one or several different locations.

Boat clubs will see to the cleaning, fueling, and maintenance of the boats in their fleets. You will need only to make a reservation or stop in to get a boat and set sail. 

The annual and monthly fees for a boat club membership are even more of a deal in warmer climates. There will be plenty of weekends that you can spend sailing the blue seas, meeting new friends, and getting some exercise.

2. Flexibility

Owning your own boat can be great fun, but it can get a bit boring to take the same vehicle out all the time. With a boat membership, you can get access to fishing boats, speedboats, and sailboats. 

You may also get a variety of locations of boats to choose from. So you may feel like setting sail from one port one weekend, and another port on a different night. A boat club keeps boating exciting by providing you with new scenery on a regular basis.

3. Other Perks

The fee for joining a boat club is small compared to what you would spend on boat ownership and upkeep. Yet the use of boats and the convenience of renting a boat whenever you need one are often not the only things included in your membership.

If you’re just starting out as a watersport lover, you may want to take some lessons to make sure you’re ready to really enjoy the waves. Some boat memberships give you access to lessons in sports like waterskiing or wakeboarding.

Your boats will come equipped with fishing equipment and safety gear. You’ll have everything you need for your adventure. Some boats also come with lessons in boat safety free of charge.

Boat club memberships may also include equipment that you would otherwise have to pay for. These may include waterskis, snorkel gear, or wakeboards.

You may also enjoy perks such as catered lunches and dinners, snacks, and sunset cruises. Get ready for a great way to party with your friends and family that will leave them itching for invites!

4. Finding the Right Boat Club

Before choosing a boat club, you’ll want to do a little homework. While it can be quite cost-effective compared to boat ownership, joining a boat rental club is still an investment. You’ll want to make sure you’re making the right one.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Are the boats they need always available and easy to use? What other equipment or lessons are provided? Are there any other perks that make the club special?

If you can’t get any personal references, call up clubs in your area and ask for references. Call up boat club users and ask about their experiences.

Online reviews can also provide you with some confidence that you’re choosing the right boat club. Often, many of the comments you’ve heard from individuals will also show up in reviews.

You’ll want to find a local club, and preferably one with more than one location. Remember that you’ll be driving to the marinas on a regular basis, so you won’t want the trip to be one you aren’t comfortable making.

Some boat clubs offer a variety of memberships at different price points. Make sure you get an estimate of what these are before choosing a boat club. The amenities supplied by your club should be a good bargain when you consider how much you’ll be using them.

Get at least three estimates from local clubs before making a final decision. You’ll want to know that what you’ll be paying is reasonable for your geographical area and type of membership. 

With a little research, you can be confident that the club you end up choosing can provide you with recreation for years to come.

The Benefits of Boat Club Membership

If you’re considering purchasing a boat, you may want to weigh the costs against those of boat club membership. You may be surprised at the selection, convenience, and perks that you’ll get for your money.

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