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7 Tips to Choose a Boating Spot for New Boat Renters

Renting a boat for the first time is an exciting adventure! Once you starting renting boats, you’ll want to come back week after week to rent one again. Boat rentals allow you the freedom to soak up the sun and enjoy a nice day out on the water. 

Fishing is a must when taking a boat out as well. There are plenty of fishing opportunities in Florida, but you must know where to find the fish. Although Florida is surrounded by water, it doesn’t mean fish will bite no matter where you cast your line.

Choosing a fishing spot takes practice and skill. The best type of fishing spots to choose will depend on the type of fish you want to catch and the type of water you’re fishing in. Below is our general guide on how to find some of the best fishing spots.

Continue reading below for everything you need to know!

1. Grassy Areas 

Grassy areas or areas with high vegetation are great places to find a variety of fish. Many fish will swim through the grassy areas looking for their own prey. Although grassy areas are best, do look to fish in the spots where you can see a break in the vegetation. 

If the grass is too thick, you might not be able to catch the fish’s eyes with your bait. When you cast your line in an opening next to patches of grass, then the larger fish will see the bait and make their way towards it. 

Fishing in an area where there’s no grass or vegetation can be like trying to fish in a desert. If there are rocks in the water or other objects, however, then you might want to try casting your line nearby.  

2. Good Hiding Places

Fish love hiding places. If you see anything that a fish could be hiding under or around, then it’s a good place to fish. Some bodies of water have boats that have sunken or other unnatural objects that have sunk to the bottom. 

These objects become part of the ocean’s ecosystem providing plenty of hiding places and places for vegetation to grow on. If you know a spot where something has sunken or see part of a large object sticking out of the water, then this could be a good place to try.

Fishing around any type of bridge or pier is another great option. Fish will congregate in these areas to escape the heat of the sun for a while. 

3. Schools of Bait 

When boating, you can sometimes see the schools of bait in the water. Schools of bait will create small ripples on top of the water that are noticeable. Schools of bait will also create shiny shimmers in the water. 

Look closely and you’ll see them. When there are large schools of bait, there are generally birds flying around trying to catch them, which is another sign to look out for. Where there’s bait, there are also predators. 

Large fish will be close by waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch their lunch. Trick them with your own bait, and you have yourself a catch!

4. Along the Mangroves

Florida is known for its many mangroves. If you’re boating in an area where you can see mangroves, then you’ll want to head their way. Mangroves provide the perfect hiding grounds for all sorts of fish. 

If the tide is low enough, you might even be able to see an entire ecosystem at the roots of the mangroves. What you might not be able to see, however, are the larger fish that hide inside the mangrove forest. Snook are a popular fish to find in these habitats. 

Cast your line as close as you can to the outskirts of the mangroves and wait. It won’t be long before a big fish comes out of their mangrove cave to take the bait!

5. The Locals Advice

When in doubt, you can always ask the locals for advice. Each part of the ocean, river, or bay is different. The people who live there and fish often will know best.

When renting your boat, take a few moments to ask where the best fishing spots are. This will be the best advice you can get. If you see other boaters out, you can even stop and politely ask them as well. 

6. Where Other Fishermen Fish

If you see other fishermen fishing in certain spots on their boat, then you can try out these spots as well. This is especially true if you see them reeling in some big catches. Although there’s no reason why you can’t fish in the same area, you don’t want to pull up right next to the other fishermen.

Put a good distance between you and the other boaters. This way, your engine won’t scare away any fish in their spot, and you won’t be stepping on any toes either. Once they’re done for the day, you can move closer to where they were if desired.

7. Near the Drop-Offs

Drop-offs create a great environment for catching fish. When fishing near a drop-off, you can either boat on the shallow side and cast your line on the deep side or vice versa. 

When the larger fish cross over from the shallow to the deep or from the deep to the shallow, your bait will be in their path. When the fish pass by your bait, they’ll be tempted to take a bite!

When Choosing a Fishing Spot, Use These Tips

When choosing a fishing spot, keep this guide in mind. Take your boat to a few of these types of spots to try out your luck! These helpful tips will have you catching some of the biggest fish near Florida’s coast. 

Are you ready to start renting a boat to take you on all your fishing adventures? Become a member of the boat club today!


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