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6 Tips to a Successful Boating Trip for New Boat Club Members

Members boating in the ocean

Discover your passion for boating

Getting on the water is easy and hassle-free with a membership with Gulfstream Boat Club. And planning a successful boating trip is easy with tips from your friends at GBC! From choosing what to pack to reserving the right boat, this guide has all the tips you need to plan the perfect day on the water.

A Gulfstream Boat Club membership is already the best way to get on the water. Members never need to worry about repairs, downtime, or even fueling up your boat. We take care of all the chores, all you need to do is reserve and arrive at the dock. You can make your day out on the water memorable with a bit of planning and we can help. Whether you want to plan a fishing trip or a day cruise, we’ll dive into everything you need to know.


The people you choose to bring with you on the water are your first step towards a memorable day. Is this a day out for you and a special someone like a partner or spouse? Or perhaps this is a day to take your kids on an adventure. Maybe you’d like to invite your child’s friends along too! Are you bringing along infants or other very young children? Or is this a day for adults only? Perhaps this is a day for chilling with your besties, inshore or offshore! And maybe this is the right time to treat some clients to a day on the water. Will you need an extra set of hands to manage the boat? Who you’re bringing with you will determine the size of boat, how much shade you’ll need, if you’ll need a boat with a head or rod racks, or extra ample seating.


Now it’s time to decide if your day is all about cruising or if there’s somewhere in particular you want to go. Some of our member’s favorite fun activities include inshore and offshore fishing, swimming, snorkeling, docking at waterfront restaurants, and cruising the intracoastal or out in the ocean. Wherever you want to go, our Member Services team can help you plan a successful boating trip by supplying you with our favorite destinations and coordinates. Complimentary snorkel gear is available with your membership, and a team member can recommend the best snorkel spots


Once you’ve decided who you’re bringing and how you’re going to spend your day, it’s time to choose a boat and we’ve got a whole fleet to meet your needs.

Our ever-expanding fleet of boats ranges in size from 21’ to 28’, dual console, center console, single engine and twin engine, as well as deck and pontoon boats. You’ll want to ensure the boat you’re choosing is large enough to accommodate your guest list, and paced to suit your activities. All of our boats include  comfortable seating, fantastic sound systems with bluetooth so you can choose the playlist (or try one of our Spotify playlists!), coolers for snacks and drinks or bait and catch, and touchscreen GPS and depth finders.


Remember the essentials: towels, sunscreen, and sun-safe clothing, plus rafts, and floaties if you anchor at a sandbar. For fishing excursions, don’t forget your bait and tackle. Need an extra rod or two? Tell our Member Services team and we’ll supply fishing rods as well as ice for your cooler. All GBC boats have storage so you can safety stow your belongings, as well as insulated coolers so you don’t have to lug yours around. Every boat comes equipped with life jackets, but if you’ve got small children coming aboard, let us know and we’ll make sure to add life jackets just for them!


When it comes to snacks and drinks, water is a must! All of our boats are equipped with insulated coolers to keep drinks and snacks cool. When packing for the day, consider grab-n-go snacks like cut fruits and veggies, pre-made sandwiches, and other small bites that don’t require utensils. We suggest packing your food items in reusable containers to keep your snacks fresh and prevent litter flying off with the wind. If you’re bringing beer, wine, seltzers, coolers or other alcoholic beverages aboard, please always drink responsibly and never while operating a boat. And if you choose to drink alcohol, remember that the sun and wind can really dehydrate you, so consume plenty of water to keep the fun times rolling!


One of the biggest perks of having a boat club membership is that safety equipment and emergency gear are always on board, and maintained in perfect condition.. Every boat includes adult-sized life jackets to match the max capacity of the boat (ask our team for child and infant sizes), plus a fire extinguisher, flares, and first-aid kit.

All new members are invited to a complimentary on-the-water safety and boating orientation with one of our friendly and professional captains. We’ll show you how to safely operate the boat, how to navigate using channel markers, how to use your boat’s GPS, where to find the safety equipment and what to do in case of an emergency. If it’s been a while since your orientation and you’d like a refresher, just ask! Your safety is our top priority, and a safety is the best guarantee of a successful boating trip!

Are you ready to get out on the water? Gulfstream Boat Club makes it easy and affordable to get out on the water your way. And with these tips, it’ll be a breeze to plan a successful boating trip. One last thing before you head out on the water—don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram or Facebook photos. We love seeing what our members are up to, and we’d love to share your pics with our friends and fans too!

If you’re still thinking about a membership and you’d like to learn more, give us a call at (561) 556-2256. And if you’re already a member and ready to head out on the open water, reserve your boat today!


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