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A Boynton Beach Boater’s Favorite Sandbar – Beer Can Island

Beer Can Island in Boynton Beach, FL

Are you looking for a fun place to anchor your boat? Look no further than Boynton Beach’s Beer Can Island. The hidden sandbar is located on the north side of the Boynton Beach Inlet. The best time to go is during incoming tide so you get that beautiful turquoise water rushing in from the inlet.

Beer Can Island is easy to get to, neighbors the inlet and has great dockside dining options on either side of the intracoastal. Reserve your boat, pack up the family and head to the sandbar for gorgeous views and calm seas.

Getting to Beer Can Island

For members looking to spend all day at the sandbar and snorkel along the seawall, we recommend departing from our Hypoluxo Club. It’s less than a 10 minute cruise so Members can enjoy every bit of their time in the water. You’ll know you’ve reached Beer Can Island thanks to our top-of-the-line navigation system onboard. Keep an eye on your depth finder to know when to trim your engines!

Members with a different Home Club have access to every Destination Club every day of the week! You can book online or call Member Services to help you book your boat. We suggest bringing one of our 25′ pontoons to the sandbar. They’re spacious and come with a built in table and cooler! You can invite up to 10 guests to join you on your day of fun in the sun.

What to do at the sandbar

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll notice the beautiful green foliage surrounded by the seawall to protect the shores. You can choose to anchor up at the sandbar or venture into the pocket that connects to the inlet. Boats cannot pass through this channel so it’s a safe place for the kids to swim! Our favorite time to visit the island is during incoming tide so we can swim in the beautiful bahama-blue water. Schedule your reservation with the tides by checking out our go-to forecast.

Beer Can Island got its name by the beer cans and trash left-behind by boaters. Thankfully it’s now a bird sanctuary! So while you can’t walk along the shoreline, visitors can keep an eye out for osprey, seagulls and green parrots. Gulfstream Boat Club reminds Members to leave the chores to us! If you see trash or produce some yourselves, keep it tucked inside the boat for a crew member to discard it for you.

Along the seawall you can find a plethora of rainbow fish, starfish and sand dollars. Before you head out, ask a crew member for a complimentary snorkel set! The fish find haven in the south end of the pocket near the inlet. If you’re up for it, you can swim against the incoming tide and find the bigger fish and crabs.

Beer Can Island is an easy go-to if you don’t feel like traveling too far from your Destination Club. Grab one of our scavenger hunts on the way out to look for egrets and manatees and jellyfish (oh my!). It’s fun for the kids and you can come back to claim your treasure afterward!



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