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Boat Club Membership vs Boat Ownership

A Boat Club Membership makes a lot of sense if you love being on the water but want to avoid the steep drawbacks of boat ownership. From cost and convenience to variety and flexibility, here’s a list of perks you’ll enjoy with a Gulfstream Boat Club Membership.

Prevent Your Savings From Going Overboard

The entry price into boat ownership can be staggering. While all boats are different, the cost of purchase can run around $70,000, not including tax, titling and insurance fees. If you don’t have your own dock, you’re also looking at expensive transportation, storage and slip fees. These costs are biting into your bank account on a monthly basis, even if your boat is collecting cobwebs from sporadic use.

If you want to own boat so you can take it out as often as you want, you’ll find that same benefit with our unlimited membership. We offer 6, 12 and 24-month memberships that give you unlimited hours on the water, meaning you can boat every day if that’s your goal.

Our average cost of an unlimited membership is $8,000 a year, which includes insurance, training, and free Seatow services if you ever need priority assistance on the water. We keep our boats fueled and ready to go in conveniently located marinas, so you’re not contending with the crowds at public boat launches. Plus, you’ll never pay a dime for repairs and maintenance.

A gulfstream boat club boat anchored up at Peanut Island

Enjoy Variety With Our Versatile Fleet

Unlike buying a boat and being locked in to a specific style, our fleet of premium 21-28’ boats gives you plenty of options.

From brands like Sportsman, Key West and Cobia, we have a variety of boats to suit your mood. If you want a relaxing cruise, a fishing trip, or to take advantage of dockside dining, we have boats tailor made for each specific trip. They come outfitted with top-notch technology, like GPS, depth and fish finders, sound systems, and all the safety equipment you’ll need.

We also have a true 10:1 member-to-boat ratio. Our limited membership policy means you’ll enjoy excellent boating availability throughout the year, even if you’re feeling spontaneous or need to make a last-minute reservation.

No Repair or Maintenance Headaches

Unless you’re a seasoned skipper with a keen eye, maintaining a boat is a tedious and difficult commitment. Dealing with seasonal repairs and winterization, prepping and cleaning each time you go out, and unexpected mechanical setbacks are downsides that can limit water time and sink your savings.

With Gulfstream Boat Club, you won’t have to deal with any nautical nightmares. We routinely inspect and maintain our fleet, meaning your focus can remain on soaking up the sun without sweating rigorous maintenance demands. We’ll do the heavy lifting that will keep your stress-free adventures afloat.

A Penny for Your Yachts: Steering Clear of Depreciation

Unlike fine wine, boats don’t age well from an investment standpoint. On average, you’re looking at a 15% yearly depreciation rate. That figure is based on expectations of wear and tear, and the assumption that you’re not spending a fanatical amount on gadgets, accessories, and upgrades to maintain its value.

The bottom line: boat ownership can be a time-consuming and budget-busting commitment, especially if you’re blindsided by hidden costs, fees and requirements. With a boating membership, you can leave boat-owning disadvantages in your wake. We’ll get out on the water with zero hassle as you scout new surroundings and explore your passion for boating.

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