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Boat Ownership: Choosing the Right Boat for You

Gulfstream Boat Club's elite fleet lineup in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Dual consoles, center consoles, and deck boats from premium brands

A happy life is one spent on the water. Boat Clubs have begun popping up all over the coastal areas and even in inland regions, like Utah. The demand to be on the water is higher than ever leaving many with a decision to make: do I buy a boat or join a Club? Choosing the right boat for you shouldn’t be stressful. As the premium alternative to boat ownership, Gulfstream Boat Club has made it easy for Members and prospective boat owners to make the right decision; try before you buy!

Discover your needs

Experts in the industry stress to new potential buyers, try before you buy! But how? Researching your best friend’s awesome new boat will often lead to biased articles raving about the new technology and innovative design – but will this suit your needs? When buying a boat the best you hope for is an honest boat that will meet most of your needs most of the time. At Gulfstream Boat Club, you get to try as many boats as you want for as long as you want.

With a high-class fleet boats ranging in size from 20-28’, you can learn what your needs are and what satisfies them best. Maybe you’ll learn that while you enjoy offshore fishing, the rest of your family prefers a more intimate cruise to a sandbar. So why not have both? The best part about a GBC membership is having the choice every time! That means choosing the right boat for you based on your plans, the weather, the destination – whatever!

What’s the right boat for you?

Boats are designed with specific intention. Is it power or sail? Is it for style or purpose? Is it for cruising or fishing? But what if you want all of the above? Investing a substantial amount into a decision that could very well change in the next few years – or months, could leave you second guessing yourself. With Gulfstream Boat Club, you don’t have to second guess. Get the best of both worlds and an entire fleet!

Dual Consoles, with the driver starboard, typically include intimate and inclusive seating, more storage or cooler space and opens the space for more movement onboard. GBC’s fleet includes dual consoles from Boston Whaler, Cobia and Key West ranging in size from 21-25’. New boaters, families and long-time boaters prefer the dual console for Intracoastal cruising, anchoring at a sandbar and spending time together.

Our fleet of center consoles range from 20-28’ with the larger boats featuring double the horsepower. With the helm in the middle and seating towards the bow and stern, the layout of center consoles favor fishermen. Our Members choose the center consoles for offshore fishing, dock-hopping and going the distance.

If it’s deck boats and pontoons you’re into – we’ve got you covered. These boats offer an open deck with plenty of room to roam and typically invite more passengers onboard. Our Members with large families or social gatherings choose our pontoons over a dual console for space and maximum shade. Deck boats have a similar feel to our dual consoles but offer more room to lounge and relax. The best part of a GBC membership is having the choice of boats available today, tomorrow and next month. Choose the right boat for you every journey.

When is the right time?

Choosing the right boat for you takes time. It means discovering your needs and learning what satisfies them. Gulfstream Boat Club offers a handful of lifestyle-oriented plans with boaters in mind. Our hourly packages allow Members to come and go as they please as the hours last for two years. For the buyers that need another minute to decide, hourly packages are the way to go. If you know you’re timeline and want a boat before a specified date, try our unlimited packages. Discover what boating means to you with 6 months of unlimited access. All of our plans guarantee Members access to every boat in our fleet at every location. Want to try out a Sportsman flats? Head to our Tampa Club and give it a go. Do you enjoy twin engines and offshore fishing? Choose between our Pursuit, Sportsman, Cobia and Billistic!

The choice is yours! Buy a boat or enjoy an entire fleet. Everyone wants in when it comes to the boating lifestyle. Being on a boat is relaxing, puts your mind at ease and creates priceless memories. Don’t complicate it before you’ve even begun – try before you buy with Gulfstream Boat Club. Choose the right boat- or boats, for you and enjoy every minute.



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