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Boating Essentials: Tips from a Member

Members enjoying their boat day at Beer Can Island with all their essentials

We’ve learned a thing or two from our members over the last decade. Perhaps the best thing is what’s absolutely essential to making the most out of their reservation. The members at Gulfstream Boat Club have it covered when it comes to boating the right way. You can leave the safety equipment, music, and ice to us. Just bring all your best boating essentials – sunglasses, snacks, and fun! Thanks to our Members we’ve compiled a list of the essential items you won’t want to forget. But if you do, ask Member Services for an extra inflatable, sunscreen, or utensils!

As far as safety equipment goes, we supply all boats and members with a first aid, flares and fire extinguisher. The boats store both a bow and stern anchor and are topped off with fuel for wherever your journey leads you. Life jackets are kept on-board, but if you have a special smaller guest, let us know to include a fitted PFD for them! Need ice? Call Member Services on your way or leave us a request on the Boat Club app. A crew member will have it ready for you in the cooler. We’ll help you connect to Bluetooth and suggest a few of our favorite playlists. Scan the nearby Spotify code on your Gulfstream Boat Club boat to unlock the crew’s go-to boat vibes!

Sun Protection

One thing boaters don’t lack is their daily intake of Vitamin D. The sun’s rays are no joke so it’s important to lather up! Sunscreen is the number one must-have item in your bag and on the boat. Protect your skin and the oceans at the same time with reef-safe sunscreen. Our favorite lightweight and affordable brands include Coola, Sunbum, and All Good. For ultimate protection, all new Member receive a sun-safe shirt and wide brim hat. The long sleeve is 100% polyester so it won’t stick to your skin when wet or after applying sunscreen and the hat has a mesh back to keep you easy breezy.

Don’t forget the shades! All Gulfstream Boat Club boats have either a bimini or hard top for sun coverage, but you’ll want to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Keep it stylish or go the extra step with polarized sunglasses. When you’re all dressed up in your best boating gear, snap a pic and send it our way to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram!

Drinks & Snacks

As you float on the water, don’t forget to drink up! Stay hydrated and full with ice-cold water and your favorite snacks. Boating essentials without a doubt include refreshing beverages paired with a hearty bite like Marianne’s gourmet turkey club or Hula Bay’s crab cakes. Luckily, our marinas are conveniently located next to the best local spots guaranteed to satisfy every craving. You don’t have to look too far to find your next favorite meal. Headed to Tierra Verde? Check out the Island Grille and Raw Bar on your way in! Whatever your heart and stomach desire, we’ll keep it fresh on ice for when you’re ready to dive in.

Fun & Relaxation

Whether it’s the newest James Patterson novel or a unicorn inflatable, it’s essential to bring your version of fun and relaxation! Let Dad play with the kids while you uncover mysteries and float along Beer Can Island. If it’s exploring  under the sea that you’re into, then we’ve got you covered. Before you depart on your Gulfstream Boat Club boat, ask a crew member for snorkel gear and fishing rods!


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