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Choosing a Boating Destination

beautiful turquoise waters at a boaters' destination

The luxury of being a Gulfstream Boat Club Member is accessing an entire fleet at the touch of a button. Get the boat you want when you want it with our easy-to-use reservation site. On the day of your reservation just show up to the docks, and set off to your boating destination!

It doesn’t take much more than a cruise through South Florida’s turquoise waters to reset after a hectic week. Looking for a new boating destination? Ask our Member Services team for our favorite local hot spots and hidden gems. Our experienced captains can share tips and tricks for catching seasonal fish, and our dockhands can guide you to new spots you might not have considered.

Have you ever found a secret spot you’d love to go back to? All of our boats feature enhanced navigation systems that let you track your travel history! 

Your best bet for choosing a boating destination

The three most popular activities our Members prefer? Cruising to a lunch spot, anchoring at a sandbar, and inshore or offshore fishing. As you’re considering your boating destination, the first question you need to answer is what do I want to do today? There are so many options for boaters on the east coast and the west coast. So if you can’t decide where to go, our Member Services team will happily give you a recommendation.

You should factor into your decision what the weather is like, how big the seas are, and who’s coming with you. You might also be swayed by what day it is. More seasoned and experienced boaters who are unbothered by heavier boat traffic won’t be fazed about popular spots on the weekends. But newer boaters might prefer a more relaxed day of boating at your own pace, and we can recommend some quieter spots and hidden gems.

Where are the fish biting?

Is fishing your preferred pastime? Sometimes the journey is the destination! Captain Sebastian recommends covering as much ground as you can. If a spot isn’t producing, move along!

Gulfstream Boat Club Members can go as far as 10 miles offshore. If you set out from Palm Beach Inlet, you can reach nearly 1000 feet of depth and variety of species hiding out in those darker, cooler waters. Look for color changes, depth changes, and weed lines as clues for where the fish are hanging out.

There’s great fishing closer to shore too, when you’re choosing a boating destination. Coral reefs and wrecks found in shallower waters can be very productive. These are prime fish hangouts because they provide the fish with a good source and a place to hide. All Gulfstream Boat Club boats are equipped with top-notch depth and fish finders so you can see where and when it’s safe to drop anchor.

Cruise to your destination

Prefer a more laid-back day? Try an easy day of idle-speed cruising along our waterways. Take in the fresh air, the sunshine and the breeze through your hair. Admire the beautifully designed waterfront houses, and grab some lunch at a trendy spot. No matter which Club you depart from and what direction you choose you can find a slice of paradise everywhere you look.

Take a break from cruising by anchoring at a sandbar or a beach. Some of the best spots to throw anchor away from the crowds can be found less than 30 minutes from our docks! Just bring along some sunscreen and a hat, some floaties and maybe a snorkel for a day of splashing in warm, sandy-bottom shallows.

It’s always more fun showing up to your boating destination on your favorite boat in good company. You could be featured on our Instagram or Facebook! Share your favorite  boating destination with us. Snap a picture of you and your crew on your Gulfstream Boat Club vessel and send it our way!



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