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Does Boat Club Membership Include a Captain?

As a South Florida boat club, Gulfstream Boat Club offers access to both the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean. Navigating the waters of the Intracoastal requires being aware of its zones, inlets, depths, sandbars, and shoals. Cruising or fishing in the Atlantic near Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, or Hypoluxo also requires quite a bit of boating experience. When you hire a Gulfstream Boat Club Captain for a charter, you are sure to find the best bays, beaches, diving spots, hidden gems, and holiday hot spots!

Does Boat Club Membership Include a Captain?

Why hire a Gulfstream Boat Club Captain?

There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling all the worries of the outside world fade away as you cruise along a breathtaking coastline or close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the sea. You’ll want to take full advantage of the peak luxury features that your Gulfstream Boat offers, as well as the relaxation they award. Rather than watching your family and friends relish in the amenities and excitement of a cruise, hiring a captain will leave you with plenty of time to savor the experience alongside them.

You can ask frequent-cruising friends, search through articles, buy guidebooks, and ask our Member Services for places to spend your hours. But all this research will still leave you in the dark about the spots, in water and on land, where locals really prefer to hang out. Captains enter your boat with an abundance of local experience that proves invaluable as you seek out the hidden, hard-to-discover destinations and experiences that will steal your breath and make your vacation unforgettable. When you hire a Gulfstream Boat Club Captain, you will enjoy every moment of your time on the water.

As a Gulfstream Boat Club Member, do you have to know how to drive a boat? 

Do you want to take out your own boat? Gulfstream Boat Club members can take out any of our boats ranging from 21 to 32 feet on their own. We offer 20-plus top-of-the-line deck boats, pontoon boats, and center-console and dual console boats; it’s the newest fleet in South Florida! Our 35′ Contenders and 40′ Intrepid require a captain.

Can I learn to drive a boat?

We require each new member to complete a 1 hour orientation with a captain. We go through all the safety equipment, nearby inlets, channel markers and any questions you may have about the boats and surrounding area. This orientation will not count towards your hours, however you will pay for fuel. We can also provide boat lessons for non-members. If you would like more instruction on how to drive a boat, we can also organize further lessons.

Gulfstream Boat Club

Who can drive the boats?

Members and their immediate family members or partners, who are over the age of 25 can drive the boats, and no boating license is required. We recommend that anyone who is planning on driving the boat take a boating lesson to learn how to drive the boat, navigate local waterways, and slip the boat.

We provide complimentary boating lessons to all new members—an hour with one of our experienced captains who will show you how to operate the boat safely and effectively. If you need a refresher, or if another member of your family would like to learn, contact the team at your home marina to schedule an hour with a captain

Why are Gulfstream Boat Club’s captains the best in South Florida? 

All of our captains are U.S. Coast Guard certified, and very familiar with the waters in and around Palm Beach County. If a fishing excursion, a trip to Peanut Island, or a family cruise down the Intracoastal is in your plans, our captains will design the perfect outing for you.

What if I just want to sit back and relax on my Gulfstream Boat Club rental? 

No problem! Most members do. Simply reserve a boat by calling us at 561.865.7797 and we’ll pair you with not only the perfect boat, but the perfect captain.

Boating is our passion; make it yours. Gulfstream Boat Club offers the best and newest fleet of boats in South Florida, and our experienced captains will ensure that you enjoy a great day on the water. Give us a call seven days a week at 561.865.7797 and we’ll get you started!


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