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East Coast Family Activities

Known as “America’s First Resort Destination” at the turn of the century, Palm Beach and the surrounding areas have maintained their appeal through the years as the go to location for the perfect winter vacation. Perfect for exploring Florida’s pristine coastline and natural outdoor landscapes, the humidity of summer fades, and family friendly outdoor adventures make the shorter days feel like an endless summer. Just a short ride from your Palm Beach boat club location, we’ve created the perfect Winter Vacation bucket list for you and everyone aboard. Take your Gulfstream Boat club membership to the next level and impress your family and friends with these east coast family activities for days of fun in the sun!

The Loxahatchee River Sandbar

The Loxahatchee River Sandbar area is known by many names, The Jupiter Sandbar, Coney Island, The Loxahatchee Sandbar. But they’re all one in the same, and this location does not disappoint! As boats begin showing up about 3 hours before low tide, the sand bar is covered in a foot or two of water. As the tide goes out the huge sand bar becomes exposed and room for dozens of boats emerges. When the tide comes in the water visibility increases as clear ocean water comes in the nearby Jupiter Inlet. There is great beginner snorkeling near the sand bar’s east end, and near the mangrove island to see a variety of sea life.

Jupiter Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area 

Just north of the Jupiter lighthouse you will find the ideal place to make the most of a family boat day. You can anchor up just past the small bridge known at Cato’s, or land alongside the sandy shore of the Outstanding Natural Area for the day.

The water is clear and full of sea life, and is an excellent site for beginner and advanced snorkelers. With a maximum depth of roughly 20 feet, and fresh water constantly flowing from the nearby inlet you can see a variety of smaller fish, manatees, snook, grouper, and so much more.

Munyon Island and MacArthur Beach State Park 

If you are ready to see some of Florida’s most beautiful natural landscapes head to Munyon Island and MacArthur Beach state park in north Palm Beach county. Wildlife on and around Munyon Island includes an array of protected birds and mammals like the Manatee and Blue Heron, but if you look closely you find countless species of fish and crustaceans who make the muddy sandbed home.

A boat docking facility is available on Munyon Island, and is located 2.3 miles north of the Blue Heron Causeway, east of Intracoastal Waterway Marker 30. The facility accommodates up to 20 boats and provides easy access to the nature trails and picnic pavilions.

Family Activities on the East Coast

A list of the most family friendly places to anchor up in Palm Beach county wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the iconic Peanut Island. This local hotspot is directly adjacent to the Palm Beach inlet, providing an impressive tide change twice a day. At high tide you will be dazzled by the crystal clear water and sea life, and low tide reveals a sandbar the little ones and adults can all enjoy exploring. It’s common to see tropical fish, stingrays, starfish, and other sea life. In the winter, you have a great chance to even see manatees!

Dock alongside the east and west side of the island for even more fun! On the south-west corner of the island there’s a shaded observation deck that gives great views of the Lake Worth Lagoon and surrounding area. There are also several, large, covered cabanas sprinkled around the island, many open-air rinse-off showers, and full service bathroom facilities available for free to all island visitors.

East Coast Family Activities with Gulfstream Boat Club

Whether you prefer to begin your day in the north or south county of Palm Beach, each of our East Coast locations have something to offer!  Members can set a course in either direction to explore the scenic Intracoastal Waterway. Along the way you’ll find wonderful places to swim, snorkel, dine, fish and throw anchor.

Interested in learning more about our top recommendations for a perfect family boat day this winter vacation?  Speak to our Member Services team for suggestions when planning your next Gulfstream Boat Club reservation!


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