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Family Fishing Excursion Guide

When did you first pick up a fishing pole and cast a line? Were you lucky enough to score big on your first try, or did it take a little practice? No matter how your first family fishing excursion went, we’re sure memories were made and thats what it’s all about.

Lucky for Gulfstream Boat Club Members, Florida is famous for its calm waters and great fishing opportunities for expert anglers and newcomers alike. Whether you’re a local who is ready to teach the kids how to toss a line, or an out of town Member just here for the season with family, Florida waters will not disappoint! When you drop a line here, it’s likely you’re going to catch something – but even if you don’t, our blue skies, salty breezes and beautiful places mean it will be a day well-spent.

Keep reading on for some helpful tips when it comes to having a great family fishing trip!

family fishing excursion

Plan Ahead

As a parent or caregiver, you know that plenty of unexpected events can put the damper on a fun trip. Don’t make your first excursion an all-day affair. An hour or two of casting, depending on the child’s age, will likely be just enough to keep them wanting more!

Target Easy Fish

Do not go for trophy sized game fish when you take kids fishing. These species take more skill and patience than children are comfortable with. You should focus on targeting the most populated and actively feeding species.

Fishing Doesn’t Mean Catching – Don’t Get Discouraged!

While not catching fish can be discouraging, especially to a young angler, there are many ways to go out ‘fishing’ and have fun without ‘catching’. When they’ve tired of casting, encourage them to take a look around the shore for different animals.

They can look for native flora and fauna, start a game of eye spy, or plan ahead for a scavenger hunt! Playing with worms, getting dirty, launching leaf “boats” into the water, or even just taking a break for a swim can help younger anglers stay engaged.

#MemberTip : Have A Backup Plan! There is a good chance you won’t catch a fish the first time you take your kids fishing. Have a backup plan — like a small dip net to catch minnows or pitchers!

Bring the Right Equipment

There are few times on the water that are as frustrating as having your gear malfunction when the fish are biting. Youngsters are no different! The equipment doesn’t have to be the best, just

solid and serviceable. Gulfstream Boat Club offers full size fishing equipment, but you’ll want to pack a special rod and reel combo for the little ones. Most of the time, by the age of five or so, children can operate a small spinning outfit competently. Save the tiny spincast combos for toddlers.

Family Fishing Excursion – Focus on the Fun

Focus on giving your kid an amazing fishing experience! Your goal is to create a new angler who can enjoy the water with you for the rest of their lives. It is your job to make it easier and exciting. While it may take a bit of work in the beginning, the reward is a new fishing partner. When their pole gets tangled, give them yours to keep them fishing while you fix it. If the bite slows down, go adventure along the shoreline or play in the water. You want them to associate fishing with fun! As you keep them interested in the sport, they will advance and learn to appreciate it as they grow.

Three Mistakes Kids Often Make While Fighting Fish

There are three big mistakes that children (and beginners) often make that cost them fish.

  1. Reeling In While the Fish is Pulling Drag: You can’t simply keep reeling in the line while a fish is pulling it in the other direction or you will risk breaking it off. You need to teach your kids that if they hear a “zzziiiiip!” (the drag being pulled) that they need to stop reeling;

  2. Not Keeping a Bend in the Rod: As mentioned earlier, if your kid is pointing the tip directly at the fish, then all of the force of that fish is placed on the line directly, instead of the rod. This will snap the line in a hurry with a larger fish;

  3. Trying to Lift a Large Fish Out of the Water: This is a sure-fire way to lose a fish unless you have very strong line, which you probably don’t on a kid’s reel. Make sure they leave the fish in the water and don’t try to pull it up into the boat without a net, or it could snap off in front of their eyes.

Family Fishing Excursions with Gulfstream Boat Club

When you started your fishing career, there was probably someone who started you in the outdoors. Building memories on the water is very rewarding and fishing is a fantastic activity that gets your kids outside and interacting with the environment. With a Gulfstream Boat Club membership, you can take your family out on a different boat every day of the week! Contact us today to start learn about our hourly and unlimited membership plans!

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