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Fishing in Tierra Verde

St. Pete and Tierra Verde are famous for their calm waters, white-sand beaches and sunsets that inspire. It also offers great fishing opportunities for expert anglers and amateurs alike. When you drop a line here, it’s likely you’re going to catch something – but even if you don’t, our blue skies, salty breezes and beautiful places mean it will be a day well-spent. Fishing in Tierra Verde is one of the best ways to enjoy your Gulfstream membership!

To help you catch the big one, we’ve put together the perfect excursion guide for a fishing day in the bay.

What’s on the Line?

Excursion Guide Tierra Verde - Fishing Day

Tampa Bay is known for its shallow waters and sandy bottoms. The water depth of the bay averages only about 12 feet. The shallow waters and tidal mudflats provide an ideal habitat for various wildlife who live in the large grass flats and mangrove wetlands. Inshore, Spanish mackerel, redfish, trout and flounder are biting for much of the year. These species, along with perhaps the most famous local catch – snook – can be found swimming near the beaches, in the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as in the flats, passes and bays. Snook are a prized sport fish – and good for the dinner table, too. Be sure to check Florida fishing regulations for when snook are in season.

Top Fishing Spots Around Tierra Verde and St Pete

There are several fishing spots you will find in and around Tierra Verde. These fishing spots house varieties of fish species, making them one of the best places to cast your fishing skills and gear.

  1. Bunces Pass

  2. Fort De Soto Park

  3. Merry Pier

  4. Tampa Bay

  5. Tierra Verde Bridge

  6. Pass-a-Grille Channel

  7. Bishops Harbor

Between the famous shallows of Tampa Bay and the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you’re never far from a productive fishing spot!

Excursion Guide Tierra Verde - Fishing Day

Bait Shops in Tierra Verde

Once you decide where you want to cast your line, you’ll need to think about bait next. How do you choose the right bait? Identify the fish you are hoping to lure and match the bait to the fish’s prey. Take the location of your favorite fishing hole into consideration when choosing the right bait. Also consider the weather and season you will be fishing. Most bait and tackle shops will be able to help you narrow down your options depending on the fish you want to catch.

Here’s our go to bait shops around our Tierra Verde club to start your day:

  1. Marina store – Right on site of our Tire Verde Club you can get frozen bait 

  2. Bait Bucket – Right before turning into our marina you’ll find live bait

  3. Reef and Reel – just 20 minutes from our Club, in St Petersburg, they’ve got everything you need to get on the water!

Frozen vs Live Bait when Fishing in Tierra Verde and Tampa Bay

Live shrimp are the most versatile and widely available live bait for anglers fishing in Tampa Bay and Tierra Verde. Every species in saltwater will happily devour a live shrimp. They are available at every bait and tackle store and are fairly easy to keep alive, especially in the cooler weather. A simple aerator and stone will keep them alive and frisky all day.

Excursion Guide Tierra Verde - Fishing Day

Frozen shrimp can be quite effective as well. Anglers will get more bait for their money when purchasing frozen shrimp over live shrimp. While live shrimp are much preferred on the flats, frozen shrimp work very well for anglers bottom fishing. Again, in some cases they actually work better.

Florida Fishing Licenses

By law, visitors need a saltwater fishing license, whether fishing from land, pier, dock or boat (basically most places). A special stamp is also required if you plan to catch and keep a snook (catch and release is encouraged on this species). When fishing in Tierra Verde local bait and tackle shops can provide assistance, and you can purchase licenses and stamps at most (or go to

Fishing in Tierra Verde with Gulfstream Boat Club

There’s nothing like a great day fishing on the open sea. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to book your next boating trip. Whether you want to try your hand at surf fishing or charter a boat to conquer the open seas, we can help you make your next trip unforgettable.



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