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Fuel Saving Tips

Ready to get out on the water? Boating on a regular basis is the best way to gain confidence to stay out longer, find new places to explore and go further with your Membership. But boating all the time doesn’t have to bust your gas budget! A few fuel saving tips will help steer you into some major savings!

Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel Saving Tips for Members

Circumstances always change when you’re out on the water. The type of boat you’re using, where you’re taking it, and weather conditions for the day all factor in to how many miles you’ll get per gallon. However, when it comes to fuel-saving tips, there are several golden rules to follow. Whether it’s money or the environment that motivates you, there are some good tricks to help you boat better and smarter. Check out these easy to follow boat fuel saving tips that will help you go faster and farther for less, reduce gas consumption and save money!

Slow Down When Cruising

It sounds like a no brainer, but easing up on the throttle is one of the more basic fuel-saving tips. The need for speed is a costly thrill and pushes a boat’s engine to its limits. We don’t expect you to troll around everywhere, but we advise against blasting through the water at every opportune moment. You can always check performance bulletins to find optimal cruising RPMs for each vessel and engine combination.

Trim Your Boat Properly

Another boat gas saving tip is to maintain an optimum cruising speed. Needlessly pushing water costs money, and maintaining optimum speed, slightly faster than minimum planning speed will maximize your boat’s fuel efficiency. If your bow is high above the water, your fuel economy takes a major hit. Instead, keep your hull on a level plane so you can maximize thrust and decrease drag. If you’re struggling to find the right balance, consider weight distribution. It helps to move more weight (including passengers) to the bow so the boat will trim more efficiently.

Avoid Poor Weather Conditions

You can’t control the weather, but you can plan for it! Scouting for the week is one of the top fuel-saving tips that’s easy to disregard. Even if it seems like it’s a perfectly sunny day, high winds and chop can really push your vessel and motor to the max. Your engine needs more power to oppose the wind and climb waves, and will burn extra fuel in doing so. When you find yourself out on a particularly windy day, avoid running against the current. Instead, get a free boost by moving in the same direction as the wind whenever possible. And don’t hesitate to drop your Bimini top, and properly store it. Keeping it up on gusty days will add more drag to your boat.

Cut the Engine Instead of Idling

Unlike a car, modern boat engines don’t need a lot of time to warm up. Modern engines are fuel injected, so when you start them, they’re ready to go in a minute or two. Idling isn’t the biggest culprit of gas consumption, but it will still save you money by cutting the engine whenever possible. Also consider activities that don’t require the engines to be on! While cruising is a lot of fun, anchoring up to a sandbar and enjoying some snorkeling time will save you major dollars while you’re using your hours.

A quick ride to one of our local dockside dining restaurants will save you gas, and make the most of your afternoon on the water!

How Gulfstream Boat Club Helps Members Save Fuel

Maintaining our fleet helps all of our Members save on fuel. Cleaning the hull clears out drag-inducing debris. Regular oil changes and filter replacements keep the engine operating at peak performance. Outfitting each boat with the most optimal propellor boosts motor performance. Out top-notch inspections leave no stone unturned, and ultimately help you get the most out of your gas mileage.

Gulfstream Boat Club is proud to offer a uniquely premium fleet of boats, each one kept sparkling clean and in peak performing condition. Simply reserve your boat, arrive at the dock, and enjoy! Contact our Member Services team today to get you on the water!



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