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Partying on a Boat: Our Top Tips for Picture-Perfect Get-Together

Partying on a boat

Nothing says “I live in South Florida” like partying on a boat and it’s time to block off your calendar because the water is calling! Partying on a boat has no boundaries because the journey is the destination.

Cruising along the intracoastal with your loved ones and being greeted by a pod of dolphins may just be a once in a lifetime experience for your guests but it doesn’t have to end there! Reserve the day to spend at sea fishing for fresh tuna, or throw anchor at the Jupiter Sandbar and catch some rays, or cruise over to Frigate’s for tasty happy hour noshes. The world is your oyster!

It’s the fun in the sun with your best friends that makes every moment of planning worth it. Whether it’s a long-awaited girls trip, bachelor party, or a romantic cruise for two, a special event on a boat is a guaranteed great time.

1. Create the Guest List

You don’t need a reason to have a good time on a boat. The real question is, who will be joining you? Send the invitations to your college roommates, groomsmen or grandparents visiting from up north. Your mates will determine what kind of party is needed and what’s on your itinerary.

2. Choosing the Right Venue

Your guest list will help you narrow down the style of boat that will best accommodate your friends and family. The right boat will set the scene for your party and the rest comes easy. Gulfstream Boat Club has a range of boats to choose from, each with their own party amenities.

  1. Pontoon: Our personal favorite for boating parties. Its large platform in the center and wrap-around seating makes for the perfect dance floor. It’s spacious enough for guests to travel about the boat without feeling crammed.

  2. Center Console: The ideal boat for fishing excursions with the boys. Fitted with outriggers and twin engines, these boats are made for speed on the high seas with ease.

  3. Dual Console: The Cruiser. The captain sits to the right with wrap around seating to the left. Dual consoles are great for families and catching up.

  4. Deck with Cabin: Our luxury yachts are tailored to fit larger crowds and include a cabin for storage, privacy and a break from the sun.

3.  Book the Entertainment

You can’t go wrong bringing a frisbee or football, a water-proof deck of cards, and a giant swan raft to sit pretty. Whatever your theme, take partying on a boat to the next level with fun activities for your guests. Need extra snorkeling or fishing gear? We have you covered!

Having great music is a good way to keep the vibe going and keep the guests movin’ and groovin’. We are so into tunes that we’ve created our own GBC playlists on Spotify—choose from eight different vibes, perfect for any occasion. Scan the QR code found aboard your boat, pick your favorite playlist and tuck your phone away.

4. Create a Menu Your Guests Will Love

Nobody knows your guests like you, so choosing the right snacks and refreshments should be a piece of cake! South Florida locals know one of the best spots for boat snacks is Publix—in particular, the totally craveable Publix sub—check out their to-go options like fried chicken, pasta salad and peach iced-tea. If you’re planning a bachelor party, don’t forget the BBQ chips and crispy IPA’s. For a romantic cruise or ladies night, grab a bottle of bubbly and charcuterie board. We will stock with coolers with ice, just bring your own drink-ware.

5. Get Ready for Partying on a Boat round 2!

You’re about to plan something every one of your guests will be looking forward to until the day comes, and when it’s over they’ll be asking for more. That means it’s time for another party on the water. Call Gulfstream Boat Club to reserve your next outing to keep the momentum going! These memories are priceless, why not make more of them?

If you’re planning a party with a more extensive guest list, or maybe looking to impress your clients, Gulfstream Boat Club will happily cater to your needs on one of our luxury yachts. An experienced captain will help set the mood as you become the host with the most and create a lasting experience for all.

Happy planning! Remember to take pictures and tell us how your party went. We’d love to hear feedback and see those smiling faces.


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