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Planning the Perfect Holiday Boat Party

boat party

Being a Gulfstream Boat Club Member is about enjoying the serenity of the open water throughout the year—it’s also an opportunity to take your holiday celebrations to a whole new level! As a Member, you have the privilege of utilizing the club’s fleet of boats for hosting unforgettable holiday parties, big or small. We have the fleet to accommodate! The convenience of having access to well-maintained vessels and knowledgeable staff allows you to focus on the joy of the celebration while the boat club takes care of the logistics.

We even have a team of experienced Captains who can be hired for charters, depending on availability. Read on to learn more about hosting the perfect boat party with Gulfstream Boat Club.

Choosing the Right Boat for a Boat Party

20’ Center Console The 20’ Center Console is a run-about with a large bow casting deck, plenty of dry storage and a Bimini top for when you need some shade. Comfortable for up to 6 passengers looking for a day of fishing on calmer seas or anchoring at a sandbar. This boat is ideal for fishing in shallow waters thanks to the quiet hull and broad deck. MAX CAPACITY: 6

21-22’ Dual Console The 21-22’ dual console is a bow-rider with an adjustable Bimini top. Cruise in style with your party of 4-8, top down and tunes up! This vessel is intimate, comfortable for small groups and ideal for cruising to local sandbars or lunching at a dockside restaurant. MAX CAPACITY: 8

22-25′ Pontoon A pontoon with wrap-around seating and an open floor-plan comfortable for up to 10 passengers. Perfect for casual inshore cruising and entertaining, the pontoon creates a conversation space between passengers with plenty of room to move about the boat. MAX CAPACITY: 10-12

24-25′ Dual Console This bow rider with either a hard top or an adjustable Bimini top is perfect for cruising on the intracoastal. Trimmed with plenty of comfortable seating, storage and enough cooler space for a whole day of snacks and drinks, a 24-25’ dual console is a great choice for larger groups and families with children. MAX CAPACITY: 10-11

Choosing the Right Menu

Whether your menu is a simple lunch, hors d’oeuvres for 15 or a five-course meal for eight, rest assured we’ll have the cooler packed with ice and your dock attendant waiting to help you carry your goods to the dock! Keep these considerations in mind to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience when planning a boat party.

1 – Opt for a selection of foods that are easy to handle and not prone to spoilage in varying temperatures. Finger foods like sandwiches, wraps, and bite-sized snacks make for convenient and mess-free options. Check out our list of Delicious Ideas for a Picnic Aboard 2 – Pack a variety of refreshing fruits and vegetables to keep everyone hydrated and energized. 3 – Remember to bring an ample supply of water and beverages, as spending time in the sun can be dehydrating, and no one wants to have to go back to the dock because the cooler ran empty! 4 – Utilize sealed containers to prevent spillage and ensure that all items are securely packed to withstand the gentle rocking of the boat. 5 – Always designate a sober driver when alcohol is being consumed.

Dockside Dining for a Boat Party

Don’t feel like cooking or carrying anything onboard? One of the best parts of being a Gulfstream Boat Club member are the countless dockside dining options just a short ride away from your home Club. Call ahead for a to-go order of some of the best local fare, head to the dock for an easy pick up and you’re set for a perfect local Florida day.

We’ve round up all the best dockside dining options near each Club! Click the links below to explore!

Spend Your Holiday Party with Us!

Being a Boat Club Member in Florida during the winter season opens up a world of possibilities for hosting unforgettable holiday parties. With the Sunshine State’s mild winter climate, the prospect of celebrating on the water becomes even more enticing. The ease of access to the boat club’s fleet ensures a stress-free planning process, allowing members to focus on enjoying the festivities with family and friends. Whether it’s a laid-back afternoon cruise or an evening watching the sun set, being a Gulfstream Boat Club member in Florida provides a unique and idyllic setting for holiday celebrations that will be cherished for years to come.

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