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Renting Boats in Tampa: 50 Hour Packages

Renting boats in Tampa and Tierra Verde has never been easier thanks to Gulfstream Boat Club’s hourly packages. Whether you’re here for a good time or a long time, our hourly packages can get you on the water without initiation fees, monthly fees, or ongoing contracts. Enjoy 25 or 50 hours of cruising through the bay, fishing offshore and exploring the islands of the Gulf.

Gulfstream Boat Club’s hourly packages don’t expire for two whole years so you can use them at your leisure. Spend 5 hours here, 3 hours there and then come back next month to do it all over again. It’s all the boating you can do without paying monthly fees or being tied down to unwanted scheduling. Boat in Tampa or Tierra Verde as much as you can and as often as you want.

Explore the Islands – 5.5 hours

At Gulfstream Boat Club you can reserve your boat for as little as 2 hours and as many as 8 hours. The west coast of Florida is rich with history and destinations to explore. If you’re renting your boat in Tampa, you’ll need about 30 minutes to make it to Egmont Key, Fort de Soto or Passage Key.

We recommend Members check out Egmont Key for the gorgeous beaches and Fort de Soto for a quick history lesson. All within a 5.5 hour reservation, you can make it there and back without rushing. Take your time enjoying the white-sand beaches and nature trails crowded with gopher tortoises. Our trusted crew will be waiting for you on your way back!

Offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico – 4.5 hours

Hourly packages are perfect for the seasonal residents or those who can’t make it out on the water as much as they’d prefer. Avid fishermen can take advantage of the calm seas and warm weather while they’re in town for the season.

We recommend our Members rent their boat for at least 4 hours to maximize their efforts. A huge perk of your Gulfstream Boat Club Hourly Membership is being able to rent your boat at 30 minute increments for a minimum of 2 hours. You can account for the time it takes you to leave the docks and get to your fish haven when it comes to reserving your boat on our easy-to-use app.

boating in Tampa with hourly packages

3 Hour Brunch Reservation

Members of Tampa and Tierra share access to both Clubs making it even easier to boat to your favorite brunch spot. Our favorite brunch menu is from Buoy’s Waterfront Grill in St. Pete. You can reserve your boat from Tierra Verde to make it there in time for brunch from 11am-5pm. We suggest ordering the short rib Benedict—it’s too delicious to pass up. Are you only here for the season? You can reserve your boat in Tampa for when you’re in town and not have to worry about losing them while you’re away.

Boat to the Skyway Bridge – 2 hours

A Gulfstream Boat Club Membership beats ownership because like boat owners, you can take your boat out on a whim. The only difference is Members don’t have to worry about the clean-up and fueling afterward! After all, a beautiful afternoon in Tierra Verde always calls for a trip around the Skyway Bridge.

Plan ahead or call us day-of to reserve your boat for as little as 2 hours. Leaving from our Tierra Verde Club will take you around Shell Key to the Skyway Bridge and back around through Dents Channel. It’s an easy route to enjoy with your loved ones or to show off to your neighbors.

Effortless boating in Tampa

Hourly packages make renting boats in Tampa easy and effortless. You get to show up and go without worrying about the clean-up, fueling and maintenance. You can join with 25 or 50 hours without the monthly fees associated with boat ownership.


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