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Spending the Day at the St. Pete Pier

visit the st. pete pier

Looking for a fun way to spend the day, an easy adventure that’s close to home? How about an unusual way to take out a special someone or show your friends a good time?

If you’re in the Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg area, then you must spend the day at the St. Pete Pier! The newly renovated three-tiered venue offers captivating views of the Bay from every level. From top to bottom, you can experience delicious food and drink any time of the day. The best part is it’s open nearly every hour of the day which means you can go for coffee then lunch or grab a cocktail first before heading down for an afternoon delight – whatever floats your boat!

Getting there

With Gulfstream Boat Club you take the truly scenic route and get to the St. Pete Pier  by boat! Our Tampa Club is perfectly located in the heart of the Bay. Hop in one of our boats and you can make it to the pier in less than 30 minutes. Travel via the shipping channel directly to the pier or cruise along the outskirts to spy on some fish. And look out for dolphins! They love to tag along in your wake. The St. Pete Pier offers courtesy docking so just tie your cleat, turn off the engines and be on your way.

When it comes to deciding on a boat, the choice is yours! With access to every boat in our fleet, you have a range of boats you can choose from. For a casual day of cruising, we say go in comfort with our 22′ Hurricane deck boat or our 24′ Key West dual console. Both offer plenty of shade and comfortable seating for all your guests, plus a great sound system! When you arrive at our Club, tell our dockhands where you’re headed and after we help your party board we’ll provide any extra dock lines or fenders you might need.

Need a refresher on tying a cleat hitch? Ask Member Services before heading out or visit our Instagram for helpful reels on tying a cleat hitch and docking!

Food & drink

At the St. Pete Pier, there is something for everyone. If you have a sweet tooth, the Driftwood Cafe is the place for you. On the ground level, indulge yourself in coffee and ice cream all day long. The casual walkup cafe is directly in front of the lawn making it a desirable picnic spot any time of day.

At Teak, you can experience some of Tampa’s best nautical-inspired meals crafted by local chefs. The new restaurant has 360-degree waterfront views and large glass windows that make even a grey day look lovely. Gaze out over the Bay or at the ever-changing St. Pete skyline. When making your boat reservation, make a brunch reservation too, and see for yourself.

Just when you thought the Pier couldn’t be more impressive, they topped it off with a cocktail lounge. You’ll love sampling their delightful cocktails from their outdoor lounge at Pier Teaki. The staff is fun and attentive without being intrusive. They’ll set the mood for you to truly relax. Spending the day at the St. Pete Pier will make you feel like you’re on vacation!

When the day is all said and done, remember all you need to do is head back to the marina. We take care of cleaning and refueling your boat for you so you can be on your way home—or to your next stop on the tour of fun. The St. Pete Pier is calling your name! Gulfstream Boat Club will help you get there.



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