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The True Cost of Owning a Boat

Membership beats the true cost of owning a boat

The best of the boating life is sharing it with the people you love most. The kiss of sun and salt air on your skin while you watch lumbering manatees, graceful dolphins, and a rainbow of colorful fish. Your memories of time on the water are priceless. But the true cost of owning goes beyond the initial purchase. As they say, the two best days of boat ownership are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it. 

You know where you want to be, the question is how to get there. Buying the boat of your dreams already comes with a hefty price tag, and before you can spend a moment enjoying, the hidden costs come with a shock of their own.

  1. Onboard tech (like a GPS, depth finder, fish finder, or sound system)

  2. Slip and/or dry storage

  3. Trailer with a vehicle robust enough to tow it

  4. Safety equipment (such as life vests, horns, flares and first aid kits)

  5. Boating license or boat safety course for every driver

  6. Repairs and maintenance

  7. Insurance for liability and damage

What’s the most overlooked cost of owning a boat? Your time! Like the time you’ll spend trailering your boat to and from a launch, or the time you’ll spend cleaning it after each use. And what about the time you’ll spend unable to use your boat while it’s undergoing maintenance or repairs? A tear in the upholstery, a dinged propeller blade, a malfunctioning GPS, or a clogged live well can cost you days and even weeks of downtime.

Membership beats ownership

Membership at Gulfstream Boat Club provides an elevated membership experience that’s an even better alternative to owning a your own boat. We go beyond typical boat clubs with better boats, better service and better marinas—that adds up to a high-value experience at an affordable price.


A Gulfstream Boat Club Membership is less than a third of the cost of owning a boat. Whether you’re a local or in town for the season, we’ve got a membership plan to suit you. You can choose between hourly plans or opt for one of our unlimited plans. Our hourly packages – 25 or 50 hours – last you up to two years! If you’re still on the fence about purchasing a boat of your own, take advantage of the hourly packages to test out the waters. You can breeze through them or take all the time you need. If you’re looking to get out on the water more frequently, we suggest our unlimited plans of 6, 12 or 24 months. Unlimited hours on the water means more time spending what you love doing.

The cost of owning a boat includes buying proper insurance. Safety is our priority, so we offer several levels of insurance packages to cover our members and our boats. Instead of another monthly fee to worry about, our insurance is a one-time fee that you can choose to purchase at any time during your Membership.


An offshore fishing boat or a cruising boat, which is the right one for you? Why not both! Our premium vessels range in size from 20’ to 28′ from the brands you trust and want to own like Boston Whaler, Sportsman, Sylvan and Cobia. Equipped with great sound systems, touchscreen GPS, depth finders and luxe seating, our high quality fleet is outfitted for just about anything.

Maintaining the integrity of our fleet is what sets us apart from the rest. From routine maintenance to cleaning and waxing, your boat will always be running at peak performance. You can always count on your boat to be cleaned, fueled and ready for a ride when you arrive at the Club.


New to boating, or it’s been a while since you’ve been at helm? We offer a complimentary on-the-water training with an experienced captain. You’ll learn how to safely and confidently drive and dock the boat as well as how to navigate the GPS and depth finder. Along the route, we show you local attractions to explore and even places where you can practice docking.

The long list of what it takes to own a boat includes maintaining your safety equipment. The cost of owning a boat can soar when you’re buying life-jackets, fenders, dock lines, anchors and chains, and an up-to-date first aid kit. As a Member of the Club, you’ll already have everything you’ll need stored onboard.


At Gulfstream Boat Club, all you have to do is show up, load up, and go. We’ll have your boat ready for you at the docks, ice in the cooler and Bluetooth ready to connect. The best part about our Membership is having the freedom to go where you want when you want. Our Members have the ability to book any time of the day from 8:30AM until 5:30PM. And after a long day on the water, all you have to do is go home!

Our Clubs are located in well-appointed marinas making it easy for you to explore in any direction. If you’re looking for a faster route to the sandbar for the kids, then depart from a Destination Club. As a Member, you have access to every Club location. Let us know your plans and we’ll suggest the best route for you and your guests.

Membership at Gulfstream Boat Club is the affordable, convenient and family-friendly alternative to boat ownership—find out more from our Membership Services team (888) 702-2256.



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