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What to Wear on a Boat: Tips for Men and Women

Whether you’re renting a boat for a day of fishing or for a day of partying, you’ll want to know what to wear on a boat to ensure comfort and practicality. If you’re assuming that a day out on the boat means a simple bathing suit and messy hair, we wouldn’t say you’re wrong.

However, you can dress for a boat trip and remain stylish while keeping it practical. The joke is that we live where people vacation… but it’s no joke, it’s paradise! When you visit Florida, you’re immediately welcomed with year-round sunshine, plentiful sightseeing, fantastic shopping and breathtaking nature views. There are a few ways to show off your fashion sense while looking like a true captain or Florida boating expert!

If you’re ready to indulge in some Florida boating fun but aren’t sure how to dress, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here are a few boating outfit tips!

What to Wear on a Boat – Practical and Chic Fashion for Women

Other than your bathing suit and SPF, there are a few boating outfit necessities to consider for your next water adventure. Pick out your favorite bathing suit, and then be sure to keep these tips in mind.

1. Bathing Suit Cover-Up

From a casual lunch on the sun deck to a spontaneous jaunt on shore, no yachting wardrobe is complete without a versatile cover-up. Whether you prefer long floaty dresses and or lightweight kaftans, the best beach cover-ups are the perfect match for a great bathing suit and will keep you protected from the sun all day in style. Choose a simple white color to keep you cool all day, or opt for something more adventurous like a tropical print to stand out among the blue waters. If you’re looking to bump up the sophistication aspect of it, be sure to choose a button-up t-shirt dress, or a dainty crochet cover up. Stick to cotton or linen for the light and airy feel of endless summer.

Need some inspo? This Embroidered Mini Kaftan from Lola Dre in Jupiter hits all the marks.

2. Sun Hat and Sun Shades

If you’re spending the day out on the open waters on a boat, then you need to protect yourself from the sun. Sunblock should be your first line of defense, and a sun hat and some sunshades should be your next.

It won’t be much fun if you can’t open your eyes to see anything. When you’re out in the middle of the ocean, the sun becomes even more powerful, so be sure to pick out a stylish sun hat and some stylish shades to match it.  A wide brim straw sunhat will keep you covered in style. We recommend matching your sun hat with a pair of oval-shaped sunglasses for a

chic look.

3. Flowy Sundress

What to Wear on a Boat: Style and Practical Tips for Men and Women

Cruise through the season in easy, breezy linen and a timeless dress silhouette that can go from free and flowy to boat chic with the change of the breeze. Consider longer styles for those cooler evening cruises, or a sundress with lightweight material for an all day boat cruise. Finding a pattern that pairs well with a boat should be a breeze, but if you need some help we have the place to look.

For something lightweight and breezy, we love this pick from Tommy Bahamas’ Hideaway Bay collection.

Boat Fashion for Men

Swimtrunks aren’t the only necessities for men either while planning a boating outfit! A fun day of fishing or a fun day of partying and relaxing can all be done in style. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Captain Cap

If you’re the captain of the boat (or a captain in training), you need a captain hat to keep your eyes and head covered while out on the water.

Find a cap with adjustable straps for your convenience. You don’t want to be stuck with a too loose or too tight hat all day. Caps with mesh in the back are also ideal as they’re light and help keep you cool.

What to Wear on a Boat: Style and Practical Tips for Men and Women

2. Nylon Long Sleeve Shirt  

A nylon long sleeve shirt is another wonderful clothing item to wear while out on the boat. A high quality SPF 50 shirt will keep you protected from the sun and high winds as well. They’re a necessity when planning to spend a day on the water while traveling at high speeds, but they don’t compromise style.  They’re also cool and soft for added comfort.

3. Quick Drying Shorts

When looking for boat shorts, there are a few things you need to consider: Comfort, Breathability, quick-drying, and durability. If you can find all these, you have yourself a great boat day short. Whether you’re setting out for a fishing day, or a cruise around with the family, you can’t go wrong with The Perfect Boat Shorts from Aftco.

4. Non-Slip Shoes

What to Wear on a Boat: Style and Practical Tips for Men and Women

Non-slip sandals are another must when spending the day on a boat. While fashion may be a necessity at times, don’t risk your safety by wearing a pair of ordinary sandals. When traveling via-boat, things will get wet.

Do some research and be sure to find a pair of boating sandals or boat shoes that can stand up to the a slip test. There are plenty of options available, like these stylish and savvy mens boat shoes from Rio Mar.

Learn What to Wear on a Boat for Your Next Adventure!

If you’re ready to start planning your next boating adventure, then keep these tips in mind to ensure you know what to wear on a boat!

When you have your outfit picked out, and you’re ready to cruise the seas, click here to inquire about a membership and boat rentals!


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