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Your Guide to Peanut Island in West Palm Beach

A gulfstream boat club boat anchored up at Peanut Island

Get away and spend your day at Peanut Island, just a 20 minute boat ride from Gulfstream Boat Club’s Palm Beach Gardens location. This Island is located in the Lake Worth Lagoon and offers countless fun activities to do with your family and friends! Peanut Island is only accessible by boat and boaters can spend the entire day exploring what the island has to offer. Let this be your go-to guide for navigating Peanut Island in West Palm Beach.

Peanut Island was built in the 1900s out of sand from the Lake Worth Inlet. Previously known as Inlet Island, the name of the island changed to Peanut Island with plans of a peanut oil operation. These plans eventually failed but the name stuck! This island later gained fame for the bunker that was constructed on it for President John F Kennedy. The bunker is still on the island and is typically open to the public.

With plenty of things to do, here’s our list of the things you must see and do!

Snorkel at Peanut Island artificial reefs

The crystal clear blue waters surrounding Peanut Island makes snorkeling an ideal activity. The shallow depth is great for kids and those looking for a more casual swim. Peanut Island has its own snorkeling area to the south-east of the island, with artificial reefs and warm waters that make it possible to see lots of marine life. These snorkeling conditions make it perfect to see all kinds of fish plus sea turtles and star fish! Snorkel along all sides of the Island and see what other creatures are living in the rocks near the shores.

Make sure to bring our GBC ‘Under the Sea’ Scavenger Hunt while snorkeling and check off all the marine life you see!

Explore the boardwalks and trails

Peanut Island has two boardwalks looping the island. The mangrove pathway takes you on the west side of the island to a watery area filled with growing mangroves, where you may be lucky enough to see manatees and starfish. The reef boardwalk is located on the south-east side and overlooks the snorkeling area. In addition to the boardwalks, the island also includes a 1.25 mile walking trail that circles the entire island. The picture-perfect views of palm trees next to the clear blue water will make you forget about everything else.

Need a break?

Picnic tables are located on the Island, as well as grills in the designated picnic spot! They even have covered picnic tables so you can eat while catching a break from the sun. Bring a picnic basket with plenty of food and water as there are no concessions on the island. There are also two sets of public washrooms to freshen up on the east and west. If you don’t feel like making lunch, swing by at the Sailfish Marina first to fill your picnic basket, or enjoy your lunch with the Sailfish’s breathtaking views of Peanut Island. The perfect pairing for lunch at Peanut Island? Definitely one of our GBC Spotify playlists!

Relax on the beach

Interested in more of a chilled-out day? Bask on the white-sand beaches of the island, especially south side of the island is where the best beaches are located. The beaches even have designated swimming areas and lifeguards depending on the time of year. Bring a beach umbrella and spend your day listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Or bring an inflatable lounge or inner tube and sunbathe from the shallows.

Enjoy the sandbar

Locals know that the place to see and and be seen on weekends and holidays is definitely the giant sandbar to the north of Peanut Island. If you’re approaching the island from our Palm Beach Gardens Club, you’ll first pass under Blue Heron Bridge. On weekends this is a high-traffic area, so be mindful about who has the right of way. When anchoring at the sandbar be careful that you’re out of the channel and won’t drift in the way of any boats passing by. Need a refresher on anchoring at a sandbar? We’ve got a post for you!

If you’re planning on spending the day at Peanut Island make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat and an umbrella. You’ll thank us later for reminding you to pack beach chairs for the sometimes ankle-deep water of the sandbar. Want to see just how beautiful Peanut Island is before your departure? Check out our Instagram


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