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24-Month Unlimited Membership – 2 Years of Fun in Tampa and Tierra Verde

Celebrating 24 Months in Tampa and Tierra Verde

This month we’re celebrating 24 amazing months at our Tampa and Tierra Verde Clubs! Located at PORT32 Marinas, Our Tampa and Tierra Verde locations are sister clubs, so Members joining at one location can use both as their home Club. Tampa and Hillsborough Bays and surrounding waterways offer a wealth of attractions and escapes into nature for members. And a quick jaunt down the Tierra Verde channel is all it takes to feel miles away from everything. Enjoy uninhabited beaches, unbroken skylines, and unforgettable days on the water.

Ask our Member Services team for more ideas on how to spend your day, whether you’re planning family-friendly activities, and adventurous fishing day off shore or anything in-between! What can you do with a 24-month unlimited membership? Here’s some exciting activities around the corner from two of our most renowned Clubs!

What You Can Do with a 24-Month Unlimited Membership

Local Favorites in Tampa and Tierra Verde

There is so much to see and do throughout the Tampa Bay. We’ve round up some of the most frequently enjoyed local hotspots of you to try with your 24 month unlimited Membership!

Dockside Dining 

Hula Bay Club neighbors our Tampa Club making it the perfect spot to start or end your day! Gulfstream Boat Club Members can grab everything they need for a fun lunch on the water.

The St. Pete Pier is one of our favorite places to enjoy dockside dining in Tampa Bay. The pier was renovated in 2021 to feature a three-tier building that covers all your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert needs. Gulfstream Boat Club Members can dock their boat on the south side of the pier. The 10 slips are first come first serve so you won’t need a reservation.

When you’re at The Getaway, you’ll really feel like you’re getting away for a bit. This is the kind of place that you won’t mind waiting for a table. You can find a seat at the tiki bar or walk down to the Adirondack chairs to relax. The outdoor seating is shaded with umbrellas and palm trees creating a tropical oasis overlooking Tampa Bay. The Getaway is a quick ride across the Bay to the south-end of the Gandy Bridge. We suggest Members book a 3-4 hour reservation to enjoy the ride, the atmosphere and the food.

Tucked away in Pass-A-Grille is one of St. Pete Beach’s best kept secrets, The Wharf Restaurant. A great place to savor delicious food all the while enjoying the spectacular views of Tierra Verde & Shell Island from the intra-coastal waterway. With convenient boat slips available, boaters often stop by to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cold beer or mixed drink.

In historic Pass-A-Grille, there’s a little patch of paradise just past St. Pete Beach called Sea Critters Café. Set right on the water, its the perfect place to take a break and savor some of the freshest seafood in town with a signature margarita in hand. Located right next to the Wharf.

If you’re on the search for the best raw oysters in the Tampa Bay, look no further than Rick’s on the River. With courtesy docking, great prices and live music, what else could you ask for? Our Gulfstream Boat Club Members love cruising to Rick’s for the laid-back atmosphere in the heart of Downtown.

Snorkeling Hot Spots

Fort De Soto

There are beaches, and then, there’s Fort De Soto Park. The Gulf waters around the Fort De Soto islands are crystal clear, glistening and glittering like jewels under the brilliant sun. This expansive park and historic site offers one of the most stunning beaches in Florida. With plenty of fish, crustaceans and the occasional dolphin or manatee to see, the waters around the island are enough to entertain for the whole day!

Egmont Key

The shallow surrounding waters of Egmont Key are perfect for snorkeling and is an ideal place for experiencing some one-on-one time with Mother Nature. Manatees, sea turtles starfish and countless fish can be seen just offshore the key.

Passage Key Sandbar

Passage Key, one of the most beautiful sandbars near Tampa, is located at the mouth of Tampa Bay, roughly halfway between Anna Maria Island and Egmont Key. As it’s designated a protected ecosystem, you now must keep off the sand island and be in at least ankle deep water at all times. But boaters can appreciate the beautiful natural island from a distance. Enjoy the crystal clear water and world class shelling by anchoring up just offshore.

Fishing Favorites

  • Bunces Pass

  • Fort De Soto Park

  • Merry Pier

  • Tampa Bay

  • Tierra Verde Bridge

  • Pass-a-Grille Channel

  • Bishops Harbor

Enjoy the Bay Your Way with Your 24-Month Unlimited Membership

Founded out of a pure passion for life on the water, Gulfstream Boat Club is the premium alternative to boat ownership—it’s affordable, family-friendly, and totally effortless. With a 24-month unlimited membership, you truly can enjoy all the best parts of the waterways around the Clubs.

Each of our locations has something to offer every boater, whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun or more adult-oriented adventures, including trips offshore and fully chartered excursions. Are you ready to start your Membership in the Bay? Check out our hourly and monthly unlimited options, and enjoy all the bay has to offer!


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