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Essential Fishing Gear You Should Pack for Your First Time out on the Boat

Fishing is one of the most peaceful, yet exciting pastimes that exist today. If this is going to be your first time fishing out on a boat, then congratulations!

Before you go, you’ll want to be sure and pack all of the essential things that you need in order to have a successful trip.

Even one missing piece can result in a major bummer for your fishing session, and since you’re out on the water, there will be no turning back.

Here is all the essential fishing gear that you’ll need to pack for your first time out as a boat fisherman. Be sure to check them all off your list before you go!

1. Fishing Rod, Reel, and Line

Your first fishing trip wouldn’t turn out very well without these three items. Still, it bears repeating to a) invest in these things before you go and b) check them off your list before you leave for the trip.

For all you beginner fishermen out there, the more high-quality your rod and reel is, the more weight it will be able to carry—thus, the bigger the fish you will be able to tussle with after you hook it.

Be warned: there are hundreds of different lines for you to choose from, so much so that it might be overwhelming to shop for before your first fishing experience. Try going with a fluorocarbon line to start things out. They’re nearly invisible to the fish under the water, super-strong lines, and are able to brush up against sharp rock without ripping.

Depending on the place you fish, that abrasion-resistant line will especially come in handy!

2. First-Aid Kit

You never know what will happen while you’re out on a fishing boat. Typically, the outing will consist of peace and quiet, but there are also emergency situations that could occur.

If an emergency were to happen, you’d want to make sure you have supplies to temporarily take care of a cut, so be sure to pack a first-aid kit.

Be sure to pack a first-aid kit on the larger side of things. Make sure it includes things such as cleansing wipes, insect bite cream, gauze, band-aids, eyewash, and Neosporin.

You might also want to include some butterfly closures just in case you score a big catch that ends up socking you in the face with its tail… you never know!

As soon as you arrive at the body of water, place the first-aid kit on the boat so that you don’t forget it onshore when you take off.

3. Tackle

Don’t worry, first-timers, you won’t have to get too extensive with purchasing tackle on your first trip.

There are three types of tackle that you will need: floats, weights, and hooks. The name of each implies the service they’ll perform for your bait.

Weights help you cast your line out further. The more weight you have behind your toss, the farther it will go.

Everyone knows what hooks are fore, but be sure to ask an expert for a hook brand that will be longer-lasting. Lastly, floats are needed to keep the bait floating near the top of the water. Otherwise, it would gradually sink to the bottom.

4. Fishing Apparel

Everyone is familiar with the hardcore fishermen that wear khaki bucket hats, khaki vests, and khaki shorts with enough pockets for all their bait and hooks.

While you won’t need to go that far, there are some essential pieces of apparel needed to a) heighten your experience and b) protect your skin.

First off, be sure to bring an extra pair of everything. That means an extra shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, shoes, everything. Don’t set sail without them.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing a fishing shirt that provides UV protection for your skin. Your regular shirt doesn’t block as many UV rays as you’d think it would.

Also, be sure to bring a hat to protect your head from the sun and a windbreaker to provide warmth out on the windy sea/lake/ocean.

5. Live Bait

Plain and simple: without live bait, your fishing excursion won’t be very eventful. While the answers on which bait you should use vary by the expert, most would agree that nightcrawler is a top choice.

Nightcrawler is especially effective for freshwater fishing since almost every fish will take to it. Not many other forms of bait can give you that variation.

They’ll be a great choice for your first venture, giving you the chance to catch a bass on your first time out. 

They virtually guarantee you a catch or two throughout the day, so if nothing else, it can help you get the hang of your new craft!

6. Fishing Net

Even the most experienced of fishermen will tell you how difficult it can be to try and firmly grasp a flailing fish while balancing yourself on a rocking boat.

To rid yourself of that burden, bring a fishing net for the trip so that you can easily scoop the fish up and let it tire itself out.

Whether you intend to clean the fish and ice the fillets or throw it back, the net will be a saving grace in helping you keep your energy.

Pack Your Essential Fishing Gear for the Boating Trip!

Now that you’ve seen all the essential fishing gear you need for the big trip, it’s time to find the right boat to rent!

Be sure to read this article on how to keep your kids safe while boating if you intend to bring them along on the fishing trip.

For more inquiries on boat memberships and rentals, please reach out via our online contact form, and we’ll be happy to assist you further!



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