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The Ultimate Fleet Guide: Florida Fishing

At Gulfstream Boat Club, our fleet is as diverse as Florida's waters. From nimble center consoles to sturdy offshore cruisers, we've got the perfect vessel for every angler and adventure.

Whether you're chasing redfish in the flats, trolling for marlin, or enjoying a family cruise, our fleet has you covered. With Gulfstream Boat Club, you have access to the entire fleet, so you can always choose the right boat for the job.

Let's dive into the boats that make up our impressive fleet, each designed to enhance your fishing experience.


Florida Fishing with the GBC Fleet

The 26' Center Console: (Cobia, Century, Sportsman, Pursuit) This sleek and nimble craft is the perfect companion for those seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures on the water. With its agile design and powerful engine, the 26' Cobia Center Console can swiftly navigate through narrow channels and shallow waters, making it ideal for chasing after fast-moving gamefish or exploring hidden fishing spots that larger vessels can't reach.

The 28' Center Console: For anglers who prefer to go big, the 28' Pursuit Center Console is the ultimate choice. Built tough and designed for maximum comfort, this vessel offers ample space to move around and a sturdy hull that can handle whatever challenges the ocean throws your way. Whether you're targeting offshore species or cruising along the coastline, the Pursuit is up to the task.

More in the Fleet: In addition to our flagship models, we offer a diverse selection of smaller boats that are equally capable and versatile. From the compact yet mighty Boston Whaler to the nimble Sea Hunt and Key West models, each vessel in our fleet is carefully chosen to provide the best possible fishing experience. With advanced technology, comfortable amenities, and expert craftsmanship, these boats are ready to help you reel in the big one, no matter where your fishing adventures take you.


Fleet Features and Fishing Equipment

Advanced Navigation and Depth Finders

Navigating Florida’s diverse waterways requires precision and reliability. The boats in our fleet are equipped with advanced GPS systems and depth finders, ensuring you can find the best fishing spots with ease. The depth finders are particularly useful for locating underwater structures and schools of fish, giving you a significant advantage whether you're fishing inshore or offshore.

Abundant Rod Holders

Spacious Layout for Fishing

Bait-wells, Fish Boxes and Versatile Storage Options

High Performance Engines



Best Fishing Spots Near Our Clubs

At Gulfstream Boat Club, our members enjoy unparalleled access to some of the best fishing spots along the Florida coast. Whether you're after the thrill of deep-sea fishing or the tranquility of inshore waters, our clubs are perfectly positioned to get you to the prime locations quickly and easily.

  • Lighthouse Point: Only 7 miles from the inlet, the Gulf Stream is yours for deep-sea adventures.

  • Tampa: Cast your line under the bridges and explore the rich fishing grounds of Tampa Bay.

  • Palm Beach Gardens: Enjoy the Intracoastal all the time or head to world-class inlets like Jupiter and Palm Beach for exceptional fishing.

  • Delray: Fish in the calm waters of the Intracoastal or head out through the Boca Raton Inlet for offshore excitement.

  • Hypoluxo: Perfect for inshore fishing in the Intracoastal, or venture through the Boynton Inlet for reef and deep-sea fishing.

  • Tierra Verde: Explore the abundant fishing spots around Fort De Soto Park and the Gulf waters just minutes away from our docks.


Experience Hassle Free Fishing with Your Membership

One of the greatest advantages of being a Gulfstream Boat Club member is the sheer convenience it offers. We've perfected the "show up and fish" experience. This means that all you need to bring is your gear. Our boats are fully prepared and equipped, waiting for you at the dock.

There's no need to worry about prepping the boat or dealing with any of the logistical hassles. Just arrive, load your gear, and you're ready to head out on the water!


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